About Us


Pat and Barbara, the proud owners of The Casual Pint of Farragut, come together to share their love of craft beer.

Pat has an extensive background in the medical field in civilian and military health care as well as out of hospital medicine. He’s been home brewing beer for the past several years as a hobbyist. Pat’s wife, Barbara, was a teacher of the Deaf and Hearing Impaired for ten years. She now works with families and their children with special needs. She volunteers with a number of local organizations.


As we all know hydration is key to life and I began my foray into beer much like anyone would with watered down pilsners. I found myself wanting more, so I set out beginning my career in the craft cocktail world learning about infusing spirits with all kinds of herbs and spices after distillation. That was a great experience but my first love has always been beer and the drinkability it offers.  Much like the growth of the craft beer industry over the last ten years I also wanted to grow from bland domestics and this created that want for a better understanding of beer.  Upon stepping foot here at the Casual Pint my eyes were immediately opened to the far ranging dynamics of what beer lovers could truly appreciate.

I welcome you to come enjoy a pint and let’s talk about good beer. Cheers!

Parker Lines

General Manager, The Casual Pint of Farragut