Why You Should Be Drinking Craft Beer

If you aren’t already drinking craft beer, let us give you four compelling reasons why you should be. First, drinking beer made by a craft brewery — in lieu of that watered down Miller Light you’ve been sipping on — is a flavorful experience worth getting acquainted with. Trust us. And because it’s summertime — the prime time for pool parties, backyard barbeques, and amazing cookouts — there’s no better time to immerse yourself in the world of craft beer. So, if you’re ready to become your local craft beer connoisseur (and the hit of the party), it’s time to acquaint your taste buds and perfect your knowledge with all things craft beer.

1. Craft Beer Tastes Better

It’s simple and true, but craft beer just tastes better. That’s because craft brewers spend countless hours focusing on the quality of the beer they produce, as well the countless ingredients (absent in mass-produced beer to cut costs) that give craft beer its divine flavor. For mass-produced beer, this lack of (or extremely subdued) flavor is why craft beer brewers tend to refer to it as “beer water.” Bottom line: The craft brewer takes pride in their product’s flavor, and it’s clear in every sip.

2. Higher Alcohol Volume

Craft beers vary, and there are countless flavors, but one thing they all have in common is that they don’t skimp out in the alcohol department. On average, craft beers range from 5-10% alcohol by volume (abv), but some can reach as high as 40 percent! When you compare that to the 2.5% in Budweiser and Miller Light, you can quickly see how craft beer wins in this realm.

3. Way More Choices

There are about 1600 craft breweries in the US who are producing thousands upon thousands of delicious craft brews. No two brewers are the same, creating endless choices for consumers when it comes to their preferred type and flavor of craft beer.  The best part is, with a local craft brewery, you get to test out some great flavors (free tastings, yes please!) and feel great about supporting local, small businesses and brewers.

4. Pairs Well With Food (And Cheese)

Pairing craft beer with incredible food is well on it’s way to becoming just as popular as pairing wine with food while fine dining. If you have a chance, attend a beer and cheese party to fully appreciate the experience of this wonderful pairing. For more ideas on pairing craft beer with food, talk to your local brewer to see what they recommend to eat with your favorite brew.


Just remember that with craft beer, it’s meant to be enjoyed — not chugged! Craft beer is an experience to be had, and the road to finding your favorite kind(s) of craft beer is a fun one. Life is short, drink great beer (responsibly)!


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